All the best tweets that prove Boulder is hands down the weirdest place in the entire world

Just when you think things can’t get any weirder, they do

'Keep Boulder Weird' is a movement most Boulderites support wholeheartedly. If the street performers, downtown celebs, creek shenanigans and stoners left, would anything be left to make it worth sticking around? Probably not.

Twitter is overflowing with straight-up facts on what Boulder is like, from the locals and the tourists, so The Tab compiled the weirdest of the weird in hopes of spreading the word that Boulder is better because of that weirdness.

Quick shoutout to this guy for giving credit where credit is due:

This is what's known as a "daily sighting" for most Boulderites, to be honest:

This purchase, which is totally respectable:

Buffs in the '60s really loved cannibalism, I guess?

When do they perform? How is this not a well known event?

This is literally every older person in Boulder and we're here for it:

Can someone please get scientific proof of this and report back?

Does this guy teach piano lessons?

You're not wrong, Helen.

What was the riddle, though, Margaret?? The public has a right to know.

Not the weirdest thing about Boulder, but definitely the creepiest:

Boulder loves grass, duh.

Thank you, Sam, for this beyond obvious analysis.

Let's stay weird, Boulderites, we can't let the normal humans grind us down.

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