Butts of Boulder: The Instagram account you need to go follow right now

Wanna hike Sugarbutt Mountain this weekend?

In my humble opinion, @butts_of_boulder is the best account in all of Boulder. Founded by a CU senior who asked to remain anonymous, the butts featured are gathered from all over our weirdly wonderful college town. The bio says it best: “butts of boulder is back. nothing butt full moons. dm us ur pictures.”

According to the creator of the account, it’s intention is purely for “total comedic purposes.” The inspiration came after snapping a picture of their friends butts. They say that there’s really no clear reason why the account was born, but “somehow from that one picture, the idea of the account was formed.” And for that, we are all grateful.

sugarbutt mountain

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The captions are almost as great as the photos themselves, and our anonymous account runner said that they “love a good butt pun.” A few of their favorites? “Cheba Butt, Sugarbutt Mountain, Buttpackers, Cigarette Butts.”

Check out these frozen buns up in Ned

frozen dead butt days

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What better place to celebrate the full moon than on the Rocks?

red butts amphitheater !!!

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Poor dude definitely didn’t see this butt pic coming

turn down for butt

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Probably not the first time someone did this on The Hill

Cheba butt!!!

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This just cannot be good for your health

cigarette butts

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Suddenly craving some Insta-fame for your own Boulder butt? Slide into @butts_of_boulder DMs with your best full moon shot. Your parents will be so proud.

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