CU-Boulder is the #1 school for America for taking study drugs during finals

Buffs are more than just stoners, apparently

Congratulations, Buffs, we officially do the most drugs in the country! At least during finals, that is.

So, 66.7% of Boulder’s student population pop┬ásome study drugs at some point during finals season.

These figures were determined by a Tab survey of over 3,000 students who self-reported their study habits from last semester, and predicted them for this one.


Study drugs fall under the category of prescription stimulants, such as Adderall and Ritalin. They’re used to up mental focus and functioning, thereby keeping you up later and focused on the tasks at hand for longer than you usually would be able to.

Across the country, study drugs are becoming increasingly prevalent and gaining more attention, and with that, some concern. Due to the fact that these drugs are, as stated previously, prescribed by doctors, it can be assumed that there are risk factors. Otherwise, we would be able to buy them over the counter like we do Advil for our hangovers.

Adderall and Ritalin are pretty easy to come by, especially when you’re living with hundreds of students in the dorms as a freshman, and every other kid has been given a prescription for their ADD or ADHD.

The drugs increase dopamine in the brain, and while this would help someone who truly needs more dopamine to be produced, it damages the brains of those who would not normally be prescribed the drugs.

This finals season, maybe stick to the coffee, Redbull, or Yerba Mate, Buffs, and lay off the prescription drugs for the sake of your brain.

University of Colorado Boulder