Every sort of stereotypical picture you’ll take at Flagstaff Mountain

*No hiking involved in the making of this picture*

It is not necessarily a hiking spot, but definitely a great opportunity for an Instagram. Flagstaff mountain, or the quintessential photo shoot for parents and CU Boulder students alike, is the perfect viewing point for the sunset (or sunrise). Here are all the pictures you’ll inevitably take.

The group shot

A perfect cover photo for background purposes. Looking for a picture that shows off your good looking friend group and your outdoorsy side? Look no further.

The candid

Even if it is not candid, nobody has to know. This can be with one or two other people, works best with sunglasses and a laugh. 

The “I workout”

Yes, Flagstaff Mountain is the perfect place for a sunset view. However, it is not the perfect place to workout, unless you consider exercise a 20-foot walk from your car. So yes, this does count as somewhat of a workout for the week, but sneakers are not necessary.

The adventurous snapshot

This is an action shot of sorts, can be seen by a viewer as if you had just trekked ten miles up a blizzard, but really just a great shot to show your outdoors side.

The solo

Selfies are more than okay at Flagstaff because you are showing off the view, and your outfit. These solo shots are best taken by friends, not yourself. A smile, smirk or looking down will do. Sunglasses are a must, and a sweater depending on the weather. 

The trendy shot

These photos include (but are not limited) to: a cute outfit. Okay, yes, in order for a trendy shot, there needs to be a trendy outfit. Perfect outfit and perfect background = a perfect photo. If there is no sweat involved in getting to the top of Flagstaff, why not wear a good outfit?

From behind

For the more *mysterious* look, opt for a photo from the back. These pictures are best taken with a few people, sitting and staring of into the distance *thinking*. If your outfit is a 5/10, this is a great photo option. 

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