Anti-Semitic poster put up in Duffield

It says: ‘Just say no to Jewish lies’

An anti-Semitic poster has been found in Duffield this morning.

It says "Just say no to Jewish lies" and shows a snake wrapped around the world with a Star of David on it.

A version of a swastika appears underneath with the advertisement for a group called the Solar Cross Society, which does not yield any searches on Google, Facebook or Twitter.

A sticker with the same swastika also appeared on Ezra Cornell's statue:


Martha Pollak has released this statement:

"The campus awoke this morning to find fliers posted in several locations on and off campus with a clear and hateful message of anti-Semitism and white supremacy. Whoever is responsible for these fliers is hiding under the cover of anonymity, having posted them overnight. Whoever they are, they need to ask themselves why they chose our campus, because Cornell reviles their message of hatred; we revile it as an institution, and I know from many personal conversations that thousands of Cornellians deplore it individually.

"All the fliers have been removed. While it appears that the fliers’ supposed sponsoring organization does not exist, the fact remains that the fliers’ sentiments are abhorrent, and I condemn them in the strongest possible terms.

"We will not allow this incident to deter us from our ongoing work to address hatred and bigotry on our campus. Instead, we will stand strong and stand together to ensure respect, dignity and safety for all our community members. Today, as in the past, I ask you to reach out and be especially kind to one another."