Cornell a cappella group suspended for hazing ritual of ‘applying Icy Hot to genitals’


Of all the student clubs to be banned for hazing, nobody ever expects a cappella. But Cornell a cappella group Cayuga’s Waiters have been disbanded by the university for some savage hazing rituals.

According to a judicial report, the Cayuga Waiters have been performing these hazing rituals for over 10 years:
• Applying Icy Hot to their genitals
• Sitting naked in an ice bath during group trips
• Racing up and down the street and then consuming food

The Cayuga Waiters have had a long history on campus, and are seen as a university staple, with a spot on Cornell’s famous 161 Things Every Cornellian should do.

Since the news of the hazing has made waves, the University’s representatives have publicly denounced the Waiters, saying that Cornell’s campus has no place for their heinous actions.

The report added: “Additionally, the organization distributed and/or dispensed alcohol to underage members at multiple events over the course of the Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 semesters. While some members of the organization took positive steps to ameliorate some aspects of the hazing activities and reduce elements of hazing rituals in the Fall 2016 semester before the organization was temporarily suspended by the Office of the Judicial Administrator (OJA), there was no way to determine whether the new conditions instituted in Fall 2016 represented a significant change in culture, as the organization was temporarily suspended just two weeks into the semester.”

Who knew a cappella singers partied so hard?