The most brutal Urban Dictionary definitions of Cornell


Ah, Urban Dictionary. The website we all used when we were ten to understand obscure curse words and create interesting roasts for our friends. Everyone remembers using Urban Dictionary as the ace in the hole to figuring out what something meant, and Urban Dictionary seemingly had a definition for everything.

So, we decided to look up the top three definitions of Cornell.

The results were anything but surprising.

Here’s our top definition:

OK, admittedly, Harvard has always been considered our academic superior. But hey, at least we’re (barely) an Ivy!

Number two is not much better.

Cornell is a frozen tundra from Hell, so this one is pretty accurate. I don’t think we can find one student who wouldn’t rather be somewhere else than Cornell right now.

And this one is just self-deprecating.

Maybe this is sarcasm, maybe this person has a really positive mindset. If it’s the latter, let’s all try to emulate that and pretend that this is the best place ever.

In the end, our Urban Dictionary reputation is not positive, but we should still be grateful for this middle of nowhere Ivy. Because even with all of its faults, Cornell students are still better off than most other people our age.