Freshman Columbia student receives generous tuition refund of 50 cents

‘Don’t spend it all in one place!’

Columbia freshman, Mohammad Ibrahim, studying Computer Science was excited after receiving an email that he would be sent a tuition refund by check.

“Excited, I told my friends I got a refund but I didn’t know how much for. I proceed to check [the amount] and found a whopping sum of $0.50,” he told the Tab.

In a city like New York, 50 cents can really go a long way so we have decided to help him out with a few suggestions of where to spend it.

Here are a few option of how Mohammad could spend this hefty sum.

(Tax not included)

1 gumball

0.39 McChickens

0.18 Subway rides

0.125 Happy Hour shots at 1020

0.05 plates of nachos at Lion’s Head Tavern

1 bathroom machine tampon

0.16 slice of cheese Koronet pizza

0.083 Happy Hour Frozen Margarita at the Heights

0.03 Statue of Liberty visits

0.0019 tickets to Governor’s Ball

Enjoy your refund!

Columbia University