Midterms fashion: How to embrace your inner slob

Comfort is key

When it’s midterm season, New York style rules don’t apply to us Columbians. Morningside Heights is our own little island and comfort is key.



If you have ever had the thought ‘When are Uggs appropriate?’ the answer would be NOW. Feel like you’re walking on clouds as you pace repeatedly up and down trying to figure out how much sleep you could get before the exam if you went to bed in precisely twenty-three minutes.


Keep your notes colourful but when it comes to outfits stick to the same colour palette so you don’t have problems co-ordinating.



In these times of need a hat is your best friend. Hair is not your priority now, keep it out of the way and off your mind while you hit the stacks.




Anything jersey material is your best friend. You can be comfy to settle into contorted positions in the same chair you’ve been sitting in for two days straight. This also keeps you ready to snap into some yoga poses to stretch out the knots in your back.

Birks and socks are always a thing.



Multi-purpose scarves will be your saviour for those cold walks to the closest coffee shop. It will be your blanket when you fall asleep on your desk at the library and cover up your tired eyes in the guise of New York anonymity.

These are just a few ways we like to style out midterm week, can’t wait to see what the rest of you have in store for us!


Columbia University