How to nail fall fashion in NYC

Transition periods are always awkward but hopefully this one will go more smoothly that your teens

With the colder months just around the corner, here are few outfits to help you make the awkward transition from summer to fall.



I’m channeling some Isabel Marant knitwear vibes here which we all know we don’t have the budget to splurge on. Shaggy jackets can be found anywhere these days and even though they don’t keep you particularly warm during winter they will keep off the slight chill that has started to come in.



Black on black will always be a thing but a little colour never hurt anyone. Show some personality at those job or internship interviews that are coming up with a bright jacket and neckerchief in place of a tie.

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This is what I call my weather-confused outfit. I’ve paired a knitted turtleneck dress with this embroidered jacket that I’ve been dying to wear since summer started. And no, those aren’t prescription.



Channel those super boss lady vibes by hanging your jacket on your shoulders and create the modern day cape.



Nothing better than wearing your blanket to class and with this cardigan you’re pretty damn close without having to forfeit cool points.

Check out this video for more fall fashion pieces and how to style them:


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