Carnegie Mellon students are among the most sleep-deprived in the country

Is anyone surprised?

With finals looming at colleges throughout the country, it’s obvious that students have been sleeping less and less.

At Carnegie Mellon, students tend to be very vocal about how little they sleep – and now, the numbers are there to prove it. A study compiled by fitness tracking company Jawbone has shown that students at Carnegie Mellon receive the 10th least amount of nightly sleep among surveyed schools.

The survey, which polled tens of thousands of Jawbone’s college-aged users at over 100 schools, revealed exactly how little college students are sleeping. Though the Air Force Academy clocked in as the most sleep-deprived with roughly 6 hours, 22 minutes of sleep, CMU is rather close behind, getting just 25 more minutes of shut-eye.

Additionally, CMU students also go to sleep rather late: our 1:13 AM average weekday sleep time ranks fourth of all evaluated universities, on par with Stanford and Duke.

For what it’s worth though, Carnegie Mellon students seem to take more steps each day than students at schools like Princeton, Columbia, and WashU.

Jawbone also examined the correlation between late bedtimes and US News and World Report rankings. They concluded: “The tougher the school, the later the students go to bed.” This comes as no surprise to anyone at Carnegie Mellon, and our bedtimes prove just how tough our course load and environment can be.

To many of us, getting almost seven hours of sleep every night would be heavenly – but we’ll see how these numbers change as finals creep closer.

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