Clemson ranked 21st best value college in America, says TIME

We’re just killin’ it this year

TIME just ranked Clemson #21 for “best value.” I know, I know, what’s new? This ranking actually means Clemson ranks higher in educational quality, affordability and alumni success. So our money is being put to good use.


Clemson being ranked 21 out of 705 universities is actually incredible. I’m sure all students will be happy to hear they’re getting the best education for the best price.


Our ranking means experts have reviewed the quality of not only professors here at Clemson, but also the students. Their success rate after graduation is another key factor in the ranking process.


And now for the smack talk. We ranked higher than many great schools such as UNC-Chapel Hill, Vandy, Duke and so many others. Oh, and we also came way ahead of UofSC.

Clemson University