Here are some of the places you have to see if you’re a BU freshman

Hopefully you haven’t spent all semester stuck on campus so far.

We all know Boston has some unique spots for every type of person, but maybe midterms and papers have kept you campus-bound, or maybe you've just been lazy. Here's your official warning to stop everything and check these gorgeous spots out:

Boston Public Library

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Photo by Patricia Santana

Why don't you use your essay as an excuse to visit one of the most amazing libraries you'll ever see?

It's no surprise the Boston Public Library welcomes millions of visitors every year, considering its remarkable architecture with elements dating back more than 150 years.

Plus you can study in any of the pretty rooms here, experiencing more of Boston without falling behind on your schoolwork.

Fenway Park

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Photo by Brittany Kubicko.

The famous baseball stadium is so close to BU that you have no excuses to not hit up a game.

Fenway Park is not just for baseball fans, it hosts hundreds of concerts and sports events the entire year. From a classic Red Sox game to Imagine Dragons, Fenway's got it all.

Regal Cinemas at Fenway

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Reserved seating, options that go way beyond the traditional popcorn and soda, and recliner seats, Regal Cinemas definitely knows how to make a movie experience more pleasant for everyone.

Plus you can get discounts on food and tickets when you get the Regal Crown Club card – which is free!

Faneuil Hall Marketplace

Photo by Brittany Kubicko.

If I could give you one precious tip about this place, it would be to try to go on a weekday. Because of its numerous food options and impact on the history of New England, the marketplace attracts hundreds of tourists on the weekends.

Even if you feel like you won't have time during the week, you'll still love the market during a lazy Sunday afternoon stroll.

Prudential Center

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Looking for some great stores and restaurants? Prudential Center offers stores like MAC, Under Armour and Vineyard Vines. Top restaurants include Eataly and Cheesecake Factory.

It's ok if you're still not satisfied with what the Pru has to offer, because its location is literally a few steps away from places like the Apple Store and Shake Shack.

Boston Common

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Photo by Meghan Cronin.

Amidst the urban Boston scene, Boston Common draws the attention of students from dozens of different colleges on the weekends. The park is undoubtedly one of the best places to relax after a stressful week.

And if you're missing your pets from home, you'll find dozens of dogs here. The owners are always willing to let you pet their pup.

Museum of Science

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Remember your boring Physics class back in high school? Unless you're an ENG major, you probably just want to forget all about that experience, but give the Museum of Science a chance.

Their exhibitions are so interactive and diverse that I'm sure you'll get amazed by something, such as the Van de Graaff generator above.

Boston Harbor

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Photo & cover photo by Janki Patel.

Beautiful views, great restaurants and strong winds, Boston Harbor is one of those spots that you first tell yourself "I want to spend my day here." But when the weather gets wild, and you think the wind will practically drag you into the sea, you might want to run back to campus.

Be advised to wear a jacket so you can truly relax and admire the incredible landscape you'll be seeing.