The most over-worn costumes you’ll see at BU this Halloween

From Wonder Woman to Pennywise, and everything in between

Every Halloween, without fail, there are still some college kids who manage to wear the same few costumes as they did the year before. They either repeat the typical outfits, try to be creative by being the same popular movie character everyone else winds up being, or reminisce and do something everyone already was as a kid. In anticipation of Halloween 2017, here are the top Halloween costumes you’ll see at least three times this year.

Wonder Woman

We're gonna cut the BS and get straight to it: be prepared to see Allston turn into Themyscura as tons of females don themselves in the latest superhero's powerful yet sexy getup. She may be over worn, but at least she's worth the hype.


Would it even be Halloween without a good scary costume? Since Pennywise already lured everyone into theaters, it's highly likely that you'll see a good amount of red balloons floating around campus this Halloweekend.

My version of a glamed #pennywise! _____________________________ Details- Foundation- Clown white @bennyemakeup Eyes- @morphebrushes 350 palette & silver @nyxcosmetics glitter Red Detail & lips- the bruise color wheel @bennyemakeup Lashes- @_justrie_ Hair- @fanola_usa no yellow shampoo @tresemme Moroccan oil keratin smooth color smoothing serum @theouai texturizing hair spray . . . . . . #halloweencostume #halloweenmakeup #halloweeniscoming #halloween #halloweenhorrornights #spfx #spfxmakeup #horrormakeup #creepymakeup #scarymakeup #goth #gothic #crazymakeups #100daysofmakeupchallange #makeupartistworldwide #fiercesociety #rebelcircus #inkedmag #thehorrorgallery #thehorrorhub #thehorrorhub #horrorhags #featuremystuff #undiscovered_muas #makeupxfeature #featuremeseas

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This list would not be complete without a contribution by the over-worn tourist costume. Extremely simple to pull together and requiring very little creativity, the tourist costume gives you a use for that weird Hawaiian shirt you never ever wear and don't know why you have.

Just a pack of tourists searching for the BOO's 🍾🏖❓

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Bottle of Fireball

What goes together better than college students and alcohol? Many students like to give tribute to their favorite liquor on the night of a hundred blackouts because it's a guaranteed way to look sexy and also get praised by all. You just can't go wrong.

Hand painted both of our costumes! No stencil here! #IgniteFrightNite #fireballcostume @fireballwhisky

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Sexy Police Officer

This one is just a classic. The sexy police officer is occasionally sporting a fake moustache and frequently is accompanied by a sexy inmate (or two).

This Halloween costume is seemingly getting scarier every year. #tbt #thefuzz Costume look and photo by @ghostxscript

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Red Sox/Bruins/Patriots/Celtics player

Would we be in Boston if there were no hockey players in the frat houses on Halloweekend? No, we wouldn't.

Sexy Cat

This one's such a low-effort, classic costume that I'm not actually sure if people still do it anymore. But, it's making the list because I say that to myself every year and then continue to see about thirty of them regardless.

Belle from Beauty and the Beast

The newest rendition of the classic movie came out recently enough to make people excited about it, but long enough ago (January) to make students think it won't be overused for Halloween.

Deciding on my next Belle cosplay! There's a little poll in my story!!! 🎀🎄 I might actually get to go to Holiday Matsuri this year, and I'd love to bring a new Belle version!

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Game of Thrones characters

Who wouldn't want to dress up as the symbol of feminine power and sex appeal that is Danaerys Targaryen? And, if you don't want to be Dany, there's about a hundred other interesting characters you could also be (Jon and Dany couples costumes will be EVERYWHERE).

John David Snow and Dany #jonsnowisbae #jonanddaenerys #gameofthrones

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Stranger Things character

If it's Halloween, you can bet there's going to be some Stranger Things fans lurking in the crowds. A costume from the 80's-themed show is scary enough to fit Halloween vibes, and also get other people excited for the season two debut that's just around the corner.

Baywatch Bae

Like with Beauty and the Beast, this came out a while ago now (summertime), but can still be considered a recent enough movie to make a splash. The lifeguard apparel is already a common costume, so why not make it sexy by turning yourself into a member of Baywatch? Plus, this costume is extra handy if you were one of the few who got a red SunnyCo Clothing swimsuit this summer.

Halloween is right around the corner. Have you booked your spray tan yet? Limited appointments available. Book now! Tan on @lisaathomson by @valettanmiami #halloween #trickortreat #valettanmiami #costume

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Angel and devil

If you own a white dress and a red dress, this is easy to do with just one other friend. That's probably why so many white pipe-cleaner halos are found gracing our campus every year.

Playboy Bunnies and Hef

Playboy has seen quite the year after the death of its founder, Hugh Hefner. But that doesn't stop young college kids from taking advantage of a costume that justifies its sex appeal through its meaning. Make use of your cute lingerie you rarely get to show off outside the bedroom with this look. And you'll probably be seeing about a thousand guys in red robes paying tribute to their "hero."

Who said Hugh died? #hughhefner #playboybunnies #bertshouse

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Netflix & Chill

Why would anyone waste the opportunity of turning a good meme into a costume?

Priest and Nuns

The Nun Halloween costume is like a good-girl-gone-bad type of getup. You've got the pureness of the cross necklace and black-and-white hooded dress mixed with thigh-high stockings and a low hemline. It's actually a pretty good idea, as long as you're not a Nun who takes offense.

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Oversized T-shirt Costume

I'm not sure why these are still a thing, because if Halloween is a time to be as scantily-clad as possible, why would you make yourself look shapeless? Regardless, there always seem to be a few of these outfits, whether it's a giant orange t-shirt made into a pumpkin, or a big pink t-shirt with green trim for a watermelon.

getting spooky and fruity this halloween !!! 😉🍉🍠🍓🍍👻 #fruitcostume #happyhalloween

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Harley Quinn

She's your favorite baddie, and she's never gonna go away. Catch at least three or four of these blue-and-red pig-tailed villains out this Halloweekend.

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Have fun, and be safe!