A BU prankster called President Brown pretending to be a trustee

He claimed the university stole $64,000 from him

An absolute legend in the BU Memes Facebook group, now called "Canada Goose Spotting," uploaded a recording of what appears to be him prank calling BU's President Brown with epic success.

sooo i prank called president brown by pretending to be a trustee (re-uploaded w/ bleep so the secretary won't get fired)he answers at 0:56 if you're impatient

Posted by Sudarshana Pajeet on Friday, September 22, 2017

Sudarshana Pajeet, the person who made the call, details how all he had to do to get through to President Brown was tell his secretary that he was a trustee and that it was a "very urgent matter."

After convincing the secretary and being placed on a two-minute hold, he ended up on the phone with the man in charge. There is no proof it actually is the president, but the voice certainly sounds like him.

Pajeet begins to explain how $64,000 was stolen from him by BU to the man assumed to be President Brown, who doesn't know what to make of the situation. The caption over his stammering and stuttering says that he is "malfunctioning."

After some more questioning, Pajeet realizes the jig is up and hangs up, after which you can hear him and some buddies cackling in triumph.

BU students in the memes group have been loving it. After just a couple days the post has over 100 comments and 500 likes.