The BU dining drinking game is here

Let’s add ‘wine’ to ‘BU dine’

For every college student there are two constants in life: stress and food.

The dining hall service is naturally one of the things that students turn to in good times and bad. BU has a really good dining service – fun, and not without its quirks. So why not make a drinking game that satisfies your food cravings and may take care of your stress on the side?

*We do not bear any responsibility for any alcohol poisoning that may occur.*

Take a sip

  • Every time the pizza menu does not match the pizza selection available.
  • Every time you eat pizza because you think there is nothing better to eat.
  • Every time the toaster at the deli is out of order
  • Every time the dessert menu does not match the dessert selection available.
  • Every minute you spend looking for a seat at Warren.
  • Every debate you have over West vs Bay State.
  • Every morning when you can’t decide what milk you should use

Take a shot

  • Every time you see a campus tour obstructing the path between you and food.
  • Every time you have to scavenge for a napkin dispenser or for salt and pepper.
  • Every person who complains about food poisoning after eating at the Mongolian grill.
  • Every time the pasta pan becomes empty just as it’s your turn.
  • Every time that the spaghetti meatball sauce is the same as the regular marinara sauce.
  • Every time you get salty that lobster night doesn’t happen in spring.
  • Every time you’ve tried hunting for a sauce but it’s not there.
  • Every time you wonder why there is no vinegar bottle this semester.
  • Every time you see “penne al vodka” but you know there’s not a drop of vodka in there.

Take two shots

  • Every time you see one (or more) turnstiles at Bay State Road not working.
  • Every time you’ve lost your ID and have asked a friend to swipe you in as a guest.
  • When campus tours actually sit down and eat.
  • When you look at prospective students and silently plead with them to not fall into the ‘trap’.
  • Every time the chocolate milk dispenser is empty.
  • Every time the machine is out of ice.
  • Every time you actually sanitize your hands before eating.
  • Every time you refill your bottle from the soda machine despite the rule against it.
  • Every time you put the sauce bottles back where they came from.

Chug your drink

  • For every cutlery you’ve nicked from the dining hall.
  • Every time you ‘forgot’ to take your dishes to the conveyor belt.
  • Every time you’ve tried to put the forks, knives and spoons in the correct bin but given up.
  • Every time you’ve made a mess of the table and not cleaned up.
  • Every time you’ve come across a mess and still sat there because honestly, there are worse things happening in your life right now.
  • Every chunk of meat that is under cooked.
  • Every time you’ve given up trying to swipe yourself in and have asked the staff to do it for you.
  • Every time you miraculously get a booth seat in Warren

So there you have it the BU Dinning Hall Drinking game for all your alcohol pleasures.

We also do not take any responsibility for any kidneys and livers damaged from poisoning that you won’t be able to sell to buy a iPhone8. Enjoy!