The best things about going to school with my big sister

I have a second closet

Here’s to the next three years of unforgettable memories, quality sister bonding and nightly sleepovers. Having the opportunity to go to the same school with my #1 idol and favorite – albeit only – sibling has definitely given me a unique Brown experience. 

After gathering data throughout the seventeen years that I shared with my housemate and the first semester of college together, I have come up with the best advantages of having a sibling with you on college hill. 

My second closet

My sister’s closet, or otherwise known as Ly’s one-stop shop for all things pants, shirts, skirts, jackets and shoes, is easily accessible with a simple good morning text of “Hey I’m stopping by and I’m wearing your shirt.”  I promise, she appreciates it very much.  I mean, ever since her alarm clock bit the dust, my texts make sure that she wakes up for her 9am class. How convenient.  Right?

She’s my hype-person

Whenever I have a piano recital, info session or final presentation, I know that I can bribe my sister to bring her friends to sit front-row and center and to obnoxiously clap and shout words of encouragement.

Maneuvering the social scene

There are definitely greater advantages for the younger sib when it comes to learning the ropes on the social scene and nightlife at Brown.  She’s only a text or call away to keep me updated on the best places to hit up (her old IDs aren’t too shabby either).

Always up for a meal together

During the first semester, going to the big dining halls alone would be a little intimidating.  I can always count on her to respond to my texts of “Hungry?  Food?  Please?” with reluctant affirmation so I don’t have to cure my late night Jo’s cravings alone.

Course advice 

Last semester, I made the novel mistake of trying to cram in as many classes as I could into my schedule.  Thanks to my Superhero Sis, who advised classes popularly known as the courses with comparably less work than others, I survived.  I can also be certain that she will be there to pet my head and let me cry as she reassures me that taking all my classes S/NC is always a well-advised option.    

It’s good to be the little sister  

I’m lucky to have her here as someone to talk with, cry or laugh with.  She will always be the older sister, and I’ll always know that I’ll have a shoulder to lean on and someone to look up to.

All in all, going to school with my sister is like never leaving home.

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