The most annoying things about going to college with your sister

It’s all relative

Here’s to 1 AM phone calls, constant “sleepovers,” and one giant pain in the ass. It’s all of the struggles of having a sibling to the highest degree. You are both at college, the SAME college.  At first, you think it will be nice to have your sibling at school with you. It’s like being at home with family and the campus is big enough that you wouldn’t see each other often.  Right?  


Is that my shirt?

Mysteriously, my favorite top disappears from my closet. Then a pair of shoes, pants and a sweater. 

Because our tastes in fashion are so similar, I shouldn’t be surprised to find ourselves looking like Thing 1 and Thing 2.  However, my closet is not your closet.  May I repeat: MY closet is not YOUR closet.

Are you twins?

Being close in age does not help our case at all.  Neither do the almost-the-same names, Vy and Ly.  I thought maybe I could use my cross-campus doppelgänger to sit in on the 9am classes I ‘forget’ to go to, but all attempts failed.  

Yes, we may look alike, but she still holds the fact that she is half an inch taller than me over my head.  

Is she going to leave yet?

I have two roommates: my actual roommate, then the squatter.  Because she lives far off in the foreign lands of Pembroke, I suppose my central location on the main green is preferable.  But once it reaches the point where the majority of our texts consist of “Please open the door” or “Can I stop by”, she has overstayed her welcome.  (Brb have to open the door.  Ly’s here)

My friends like her too much

You try to be a good sibling and introduce them to some of your friends. Next thing you know, “Hey tell your sister to hang out with us,” “Tell your sister to come eat with us,” “Your sister is such a cool person,” “Your sister is the best,” “I wish I could be like your sister,” “I will kiss the ground that your sister walks on.” Chaos.

She shows me up at parties

Another week on college hill has ended, and it is your opportunity to let loose and go out with friends.  Showing up to a party with a pretty satisfied stomach in the liquid department, you are ready to have a good time.  Needless to say, it can be quite surprising to see your sibling downing the shots better than you can.

Remember the time when…

Yes, I really need to be reminded of the time when I put a bead up each nostril to be funny but accidentally got them stuck when I inhaled. No, my friends do not need to be enlightened of my childhood antics.  Even the photos that I so stealthily deleted from Facebook before starting college seem to reappear on my sister’s wall for some reason.  

She will always be the baby

I can’t begin to count the number of texts and calls from my parents asking whether my sister is alive and well rather than taking the extra step to call her.  Yes mom and dad, she is sleeping well.  Yes mom and dad, she did her homework.  Yes mom and dad, she is right next to me.

All in all, going to school with my sister is like never leaving home.

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