Why BC is categorically better than BU in every way

All the reasons it sucks to B U

In a city like Boston, there’s no shortage of colleges to consider. The BU/BC debate over which of the two schools runs Beantown has been going on since the beginning of time, but when you look at the facts, you’ll realize there really is no competition – BC is greater in every category.

Our campus is gorgeous

Burns Lawn at sunset

Good luck trying to find an equally picture perfect, grassy, hillside school in BU’s city location. Not only is our location the perfect mix between hills and lawns and even a reservoir, but the architecture can’t be beat. Our Bapst Library alone ranked #1 on Travel & Leisure’s “Most Beautiful College Libraries” list. Numbers don’t lie.

Our sports teams are way better

Our very own 2016 QuickLane Bowl Champions

Sure, BU’s Agganis Arena is impressive, but do their teams really live up to the size of it? BU doesn’t even have an existing football team to compete with BC’s bowl winning team, and BC basketball’s competing in the ACC is a bit more boast worthy than BU’s membership in the Patriot League. The only time BU even compares to BC is in hockey, but we’ll let our recent Women’s Hockey Beanpot win speak for itself.

We have a much cooler mascot

He’s underwhelming, to say the least

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Baldwin! Our ever-elusive bald eagle is undoubtably much more spirited and original than a terrier. He’s all-American, life-sized and always down for a selfie. Does your leashed terrier know how to Dougie like Baldwin? No? Didn’t think so.

We have that special Jesuit spirit (pun intended)

Even if you’ve never stepped foot in a church before coming to BC, the Jesuit ideals will become a part of your life in small but surprising ways. Whether you come to appreciate it in your required Theology class or in the unique traditions like the annual Mass of the Holy Spirit, the Jesuit aspect of BC affects your experience and ties the community together in special ways that just can’t be replicated at BU.

BC is the perfect size

BU has a whopping 16,075 undergraduate students, compared to BC’s 9,100, according to each school’s websites. BC is the perfect balance between a big, look-how-many-maroon-and-gold-people-are-in-Alumni-stadium school feel and a smaller I-had-to-plot-an-extremely-complex-route-to-avoid-seeing-that-one-boy school feel.

We have balls – meatballs, that is

Nowhere else can you find meatballs as good as Meatball Obsession. There’s just something special about the quirky little operation, whether you’re ordering it from The Loft at Addie’s or outside in the standalone kiosk. Before BC you probably will have never heard of it, after BC you’ll probably never hear of it again, but boy does our one-of-a-kind experience of ordering Meatball Obsession beat the mainstream and expensive Pinkberry or Panda Express offered at BU.

CSOM > Questrom

Fulton Hall, home to BC’s future CEOs

Here at BC, we all love to hate our Carroll School of Management students and mock their go-getter attitudes and business-casual attire, but the fact of the matter is BC’s Carroll School ranks third on Bloomberg Businessweek’s 2016 Best Undergraduate Business Schools list. BU’s Questrom, on the other hand, is much further down at 29th.

Honestly, we can’t blame BU for constantly trying to get on our level – the view from the top is great. Each college has its own unique upsides, but no matter what the category, here at BC we’re #blessed every day.

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