We spoke to BC’s ‘jersey chasers’: The girls who only go for athletes

When the players get played

Urban Dictionary defines a “jersey chaser” as: “A chick who only goes after members of a certain athletic team. Always in attendance at each of the team’s matches or games, she can usually be seen pointing out members of the team in which she has met and/or has had sexual relations with.”

We sat down with three of Boston College’s self-proclaimed jersey chasers and found out what the lifestyle’s all about – and what it takes.


First off, jersey chasers love the chase. There’s nothing more exhilarating than going for the crème de la crème of the athletes at a school. Many athletes at Boston College are notorious for their playboy demeanors, and there’s nothing like getting a stud athlete eating out of the palm of your hand. The status that athletes receive is a significant part of why these girls only go for their kind.

Second, the turn on factor that athletes possess. Jersey chasers love something about the confidence that athletes exude, on and off the field. Confidence hits a home run for jersey chasers.

“There’s something that’s just so attractive about the kind of confidence and dominance that athletes give off. It’s a total turn on and I feel like non-athletes just don’t have that factor.”


Third off, the sex. Every girl I talked to said athletes really know how to get the deed done.

“Maybe it’s because they know what they want and go for it, or maybe it’s because I know what I want and go for it,” said one of BC’s jersey chasers.

Maybe it’s because a lot of athletes at Boston College are notorious womanizers with a lot of experience under their belts? You know what they say – practice makes perfect, right?

According to the girls I talked to, it seems as if there is a mutual understanding between the athlete and the jersey chaser. Both sides of the team understand that this is not an exclusive arrangement, but both are there to have fun and enjoy the game. So play ball, ladies and gentlemen.


One girl I spoke to said: “I guess some people think I’m stuck up or stupid for writing off guys who aren’t athletes, but it’s just something that makes me who I am. I just have such a sexual attraction to athletes that I don’t have with other guys, and that’s not something I’m just going to overlook.” The other girls nodded and agreed.

The jersey chaser lifestyle is one that not many girls enter into, but the ones that do own it. Whether it’s a TD, three pointer, home run, or goal, best of luck to the BC jersey chasers.

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