All the things only BC students will understand

From the Mods to tailgates, there are things only we can relate to

College, for the most part, is a pretty simple and universal concept wherever you go: you work hard, you sleep less and you can find any reason to go out. But, there are some things that are distinctly BC, and students from other schools just wouldn’t understand.

From waiting on 40-minute lines at Lower to choking on the smell of B.O. and farts in the Mods, here are all of the things that only BC students will understand.



Gasson is arguably one of the most beautiful buildings on any campus across the country, and there’s a reason why. It looks great in all lightings and from all angles. BC students line up in staggered lines trying to covertly or sometimes not-so-covertly snap the perfect pic while in between class or on the way to O’Neill. Arguments will be had as to which side of the building is actually the most “photogenic.”

The lines at Lower

The lines at Lower are so long that sometimes I’m afraid I will have missed my graduation (I’m a sophomore) by the time I get my steak and cheese. You either have to go at 5pm with the senior citizens or just accept the fact that you could’ve watched two more episodes of The Office in the time it took you to get your food. Well, there’s always the soups or Mac.

Steak & cheese and brunch


An omelette sent from above

Nothing makes a boy run faster than the opening of the steak and cheese line for dinner at like 4:45pm (what a light, nutritious snack). Prospective BC students can hear of the glory that is steak and cheese and they will not believe that it could possibly live up to all the hype, but it does. Oh, it does. Brunch is also an amazing gift on weekend mornings and the flavor of the omelette is highlighted by the majestic breakfast potatoes. It’s a cure-all for the horrors of the night before.

Tailgates…and then not making it to the game

BC’s football team is notorious for being a bit challenged. But why waste the opportunity to get food and drinks at 10am with the friend of a friend who has a sick tailgate spot in the mod lot? Just grab a drink and a hot dog or two to drown out the pain of tough losses.

Roaming the Mods/the Mods in general

It’s hard to explain what the mods are, and how they could possibly be the most coveted housing on campus, to someone who doesn’t go to BC. It really doesn’t make sense. The long, red, supposed-to-be-temporary shacks host the sweatiest parties, during which the buildings become hotter than Satan’s sauna and the smell of accidentally released flatulence permeates the air. There’s more sweat in a mod living room than in the entire Plex. Freshmen can be found wandering around them in the first few weeks of school, trying to find one that will let them in and picking a name off the door for the classic “Who do you know here?”

Calling most buildings by nicknames

This occurs at most other schools, too, but you can pick out a new freshman or touring student based on how they refer to the buildings. If you hear “Vanderslice,” “Lower Live!” (or, even worse, Corcoran Commons) “McElroy” or “Ignacio” you are not in the midst of a seasoned BC student.



Besides having the sassiest Twitter on campus, ResLife is either the dirtiest player in the game or a saving grace, depending on what pick-time experiences you’s had. The weeks for choosing housing are bleak on campus, and the stress of trying to get on Lower when you’re choosing for sophomore year or to get a Mod as a senior is significant.

The Newton/Comm. Ave bus

Nothing feels worse than missing the bus or getting on it only to discover your intention of being dropped off by Yamato’s is now being replaced with an excursion to the trenches of the Newton Campus. The bus is a place where body space is nonexistent, especially 20 minutes before class starts and on the weekends.

Getting rejected to volunteer

One of the most unbelievable things about BC is that there’s a ton of competition to donate your time to help others. Service organizations can be more exclusive than the Plastics’ lunch table in Mean Girls, but they do amazing work for the people of Boston.

Eagle’s lines (and Maria)

Eagle’s is pretty much the best place to get lunch on campus. From freshly mixed salads to sandwiches/wraps (and whatever the harmony bowls are), there’s a reason why the lines extend out the door. Plus Maria, the on-campus celebrity chef, is there making the Tuscan Chicken with finesse.

Marathon Monday

Preparing to run

Preparing to run


Usually, the thought of the impending marathon would cause stress for many – that is, if you’re running in it. The Boston Marathon passes by BC’s campus and students are given the day off for Patriot’s Day, which means waking up at the crack of dawn to “celebrate” the amazing feat the runners are taking on. Most people purchase tank tops/t-shirts to wear for the day, and it’s definitely one of the best days to be an Eagle.

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