University of Southampton admits vice-chancellor DID sit on committee awarding him £433,000 pay deal

The university has spent £1.5m on vice-chancellor pay in past three years

Vice Chancellor Q&A: The Soton Tab live blog

As University Vice Chancellor Snowden takes part in an exclusive Q&A with students, the Soton Tab delivers the scoop live.

Jo Johnson promises students that uni bosses pay will be ‘under control’

Universities Minister pledges regulations in the new year to stop excessive salaries

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Temperatures predicted to plummet

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Are you a Pizza Hut or a Dominos?

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Five arrests have been made

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“I’m lemonading”

Every question you get asked being from Ascot or Windsor

No, we do not know the Queen

Vice-Chancellor of Soton Uni gets pay rise of £72,000 while up to 75 staff jobs are cut

A pay rise and a new chauffeur – fancy that

How safe is Portswood really?

Kinda not very

Suspected paedophile caught in Portswood after allegedly messaging and trying to meet with a 14-year-old boy

He was caught last week by TRAP

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It’s just a bruise on my neck, Dad

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