Yale freshman dressed up as a shackled slave in Trump protest

He stood in front of the John C. Calhoun building for five hours

A Yale freshman protested Donald Trump’s presidency by standing in front of the John C. Calhoun building dressed as a slave shackled in chains.

He spent five hours there with two signs around his neck saying, ‘property of John C. Calhoun’ and ’56, 682, 202 and counting American voters’.

When asked why he was protesting, the student responded that Trump’s campaign was one built on hate.

“There’s so much hate and for us to be in a place like this… there’s something we have to do about it.

“I had a lot of time to think, because this was as much for me as it was for everyone else. I think I’ve realized that we might not be able to change the way people think but we can change the effect that it has on us.

“I can’t take away all the hate from the world but we can make sure that hate doesn’t have power over us and I think I’m ready to start doing things to make that happen.”

Responses to him were predominantly positive, with passer-bys hugging, fist bumping and shaking his hand, although one person is heard saying, “This guy’s stupid he’s trying to spread more Trump propaganda”.

The video, which was uploaded to Youtube on November 10th, has since has more than 13,000 views.




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