Yale is killing it with their investment portfolio

It’s the riskiest in the Ivy League

Yale has one of the riskiest investment portfolios, but with one of the highest returns, according to a post in a financial blog.

This year alone we increased by 3.4%, and over a ten-year period we improved by over 8%.

Only Columbia could be seen to be doing significantly better than us, and Princeton was more or less the same.

On the other end of the spectrum, Brown, Cornell, and Harvard should probably come to use for some financial advice as they can’t quite get the return on their investments.

Source: University Endowment Offices and Charles A. Skorina Associates

In fact, the Ivy League as a whole is being made to look silly by the standard 60/40 index, which is taken as a benchmark for investments. That’s the index where 60% is invested in the stock market, and 40% in bonds. Although the 60/40 index didn’t return as much as the experts we have at Yale, it did so with much less risk.

The blog says the key to our success is our consistent investment officer David Swenson, who has been with us for over 30 years.

It looks like our 46k is being used well.

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