Milo Yiannopoulos to discuss ‘great cultural appropriators’ at Yale talk

‘Yale is the perfect place for a lecture on cultural appropriation’

Next week, controversial alt-right pundit Milo Yiannopoulos will speak at Yale as part of his “Dangerous Faggot Tour.”

He’s gained fame for his provocative things like “Feminism is cancer,” and this summer was permanently banned from Twitter after inspiring his legion of fans to harass actress Leslie Jones.

Last semester, he told The Tab planning to appear on campus in a full Native American costume, and now a week after the programs at the Yale-Dartmouth football game included offensive images of Native Americans on the cover, Milo still plans to go for shock value.

What are you going to talk about at Yale?

My initial plan is to talk about the great cultural appropriators throughout history. Since every tour stop gets completely fresh material, this may evolve over the next few weeks or may change completely based on world events. But Yale is the perfect place for a lecture on cultural appropriation with my trademark sensitivity to feelings.

Are you really coming dressed in Native American costume?

You know the term “Native American” is so 20th Century. I think they prefer the term “original undocumented refugees” since they did after all come here via the Bering Sea land bridge. There are rumors I will appear in a full chief’s headdress but I will not confirm nor deny those rumors at this time. You see, I’m practicing for when I am Press Secretary for President Trump.

What do you think Yale students should learn?

Yale students have a lot to learn. The world doesn’t revolve around you or your feelings. University is about learning critical thinking and confronting opposing and sometimes controversial ideas, not being coddled by a small child. Yale students need to learn that they are among the most privileged people in America, attending a top Ivy League school, and that the rest of the country points and laughs when they sneer at blue collar families as somehow “privileged.”

What are your thoughts on last year’s protests?

Yale allowed the inmates to run the asylum, and they were shocked… SHOCKED when the next generation of spoiled social justice warriors turned like rabid animals on their own mentors and professors. As a result longstanding traditions are falling, and shortsighted undergraduates, whose only experience with the world outside of America are their Apple products made by Chinese slave laborers, are dictating policy to one of the greatest learning institutions in the western world. It’s pathetic, but the good news is we on the free speech side are fighting back!

Tickets for Milo’s October 22nd event here.

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