Gun control advocacy on UW-Madison campus is growing in reaction to Senate Bill 169

If this bill passes guns could be allowed on campus

Senate Bill 169 proposes an end to laws against carrying a firearm without a license, as well as an end to the prohibition of guns in places such as school zones (individual schools would have to ban guns on their property). The bill would also make the carry of electric weapons, such as tasers, legal.

Under this law, people with no prior felony charges could carry a concealed weapon.

This afternoon, ASM and a campus group dedicated to gun control advocacy held a rally at the base of the capitol in order to voice their opinion to the state’s politicians.

Two Democratic Representatives, Chris Taylor and Melissa Sargent, spoke, as well as several representatives from the student groups.

This rally comes the night after the UW-Madison chapter of the gun control advocacy group Cocks not Glocks held a “Bonerfide Penis Art Fest”, an event that makes light of the fact that “obscene material” (i.e. cocks) are illegal, but this law is potentially allowing guns (the glocks) anywhere in the state.

If this bill goes through, guns could start popping up anywhere, but “Making lewd, obscene, or indecent drawings is a Class C misdemeanor that can be punished by no more than 30 days in jail, a fine of up to $500, or both”,

Whatever happens, UW students can be counted on to continue speaking their minds about it.

Photo curtosy of Representative Chris Taylor's office

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