UW-Madison Police launch WiscGuardian app to help students stay safe

A new way to stay safe on campus

The app was released at the end of the summer, and has several features, including a quick dial for the UW police, a safety timer and a send a tip feature.

The app can be downloaded to any smart phone, and requires a Wisc.edu email to be connected with campus police. It allows the user to connect to their contacts in order to designate personal “guardians”.

These guardians are key components in features such as the safety timer, which enables the user to set a timer indicating how long it normally takes to walk or commute to their destination. If the timer is not turned off within that designated amount of time, guardians will be notified and given the user’s location to make sure everything is OK.

The app also relies on reports from users, who can submit suspicious activity through the send a tip feature, which includes photos.

There is also a quick dial to the UW Police non-emergency line for similar submissions, but all app users are encouraged to use the 911 quick dial link in any unsafe situations.

This app joins a list of precautions UW-Madison is taking to ensure the safety of its students, including the blue light stations around campus, and the classic safe walk, all of which should be used, especially considering all the alarming events that have taken place around campus in the past couple weeks.

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