A hit and run on University leaves victim severely injured

The unidentified male is in a serious condition

An unidentified male was hit by a car on University Ave, near The Double U on Saturday evening.

The driver, Donisha L Odom, fled the scene around 10:24pm before police located her. According to the police report, Odom, 36, was arrested for OWI causing injury.

Matthew Burge, a bouncer at The Double U, was working outside the bar Saturday night and witnessed the incident.

"I saw the victim run across University Ave during a green light. Then I heard a loud sound, like bending plastic and metal," Burge said. "I looked over and saw a limp body flying probably 10 feet in the air before landing on the pavement and rolling into the bike lane. The car just sped off through the light after the crash."

According to Burge, the typically crowded area surrounding 600 University Ave, was nothing short of chaos following the hit and run.

"After that it was just mayhem. There were probably 50 people who ran across the street to help the person, and most of the bar emptied onto the street to see what was happening," Burge said.

The investigation into the crash is ongoing.

University of Wisconsin