Young woman was choked by a stranger on University Avenue

She lost consciousness after being choked

Early Friday morning a 21-year-old woman was attacked by a stranger on the 600 block of University Ave.

According to the incident report, the young woman was walking with her friends, and began taking a photo. A stranger approached and tried to photobomb the picture.

The suspect then began engaging with the victim and her friends by talking about how rich he was. He then tossed around a couple 100 dollar bills and threw them in the air.

One of the victim's friends picked up the money, but gave it back once the suspect asked. Even though the money was returned the man became upset and attacked the victim.

The suspect began strangling the victim and shaking her. She lost consciousness, and fled the area with her friends once consciousness was regained.

The victim reported the incident to the police later in the morning, and the Madison police department is trying to identify a suspect.

University of Wisconsin