UW-Madison ranks in the top 50 for best colleges in the US

As if we needed more proof that Badgers are better than Gophers

As if we needed reminding how great the University of Wisconsin-Madison is, we have officially been declared as the 46th best university in America.

US News and World Report has just released their annual ranking of American colleges, placing up us in the top 50. The list includes the best 300 schools.

Last year we were 44th, meaning we fell 2 places on the ranking.

UW-Madison was also ranked as the 12th best public university.

We beat rival schools University of Minnesota (69th), Ohio State (54th) and Michigan State (81st).

Coming as no surprise, Princeton, Harvard and UChicago all took the top three spots.

US News base their rankings on graduate outcomes (year-by-year completion and graduation rates), the number of students receiving Pell Grants, faculty resources, student satisfaction, financial resources, expert opinion, student excellence and alumni giving.

University of Wisconsin