Trump thinks being a woman is a health condition and it comes with potentially deadly consequences

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Trump has been working tirelessly to create a healthcare plan that is as offensive, exclusive and downright deadly for anyone with health problems, a low income or pre-existing conditions — and he has finally succeeded. His most recent executive order would make domestic violence, postpartum depression and sexual assault all pre-existing conditions, and successfully deny many women the healthcare they deserve.

According to Raw Story, the MacArthur-Meadows Amendment in Trumpcare would give states a loophole that would allow them to deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions.

Although Republicans claim they will protect coverage, the bill itself tells a different story.

The bill would allow states to apply for waivers which would allow them to use a person’s current health and health history to set their premiums (read: states can use pre-existing conditions to charge thousands).

Thomas Huelskoetter, a policy analyst for the Center for American Progress, told CBS News the bill “would quarantine people with pre-existing conditions in more expensive markets.”

What counts as a pre-existing condition you may ask? Well, according to the amendment sexual assault does.

Let me break this down: basically, companies can deny women who were sexually assaulted medical care. If that doesn’t make your skin crawl, maybe the fact that the act allows companies to deny preventive care like mammograms and gynecological exams to these people and many more with other preexisting conditions will.

Trump has done many things in the 104 days that I don’t agree with, but this is a whole new kind of evil. This blatant disregard for the trauma sexual assault incites is being proposed by a man who has faced accusations of sexual assault. There has to be some sort of sick irony there.

What’s even more sickening is the many other Republican men that are supporting the bill. Do they not have daughters, sisters, mothers, or wives they care about? Or even just, y’know, a basic level of human decency that doesn’t want to see people not seek help for domestic violence or even rape because they’re worried it will cripple them financially?

As a survivor of sexual assault, I am sickened by the idea that I might have to disclose this trauma and potentially be denied coverage or have to pay outrageous premiums. As if grappling with the assault wasn’t enough, now I have to feel like my assault makes me less worthy of coverage, less human, and more of a liability.

This bill is only furthering the victim blaming of sexual assault survivors. It is essentially saying that we’re going to further punished by having out sexual assaults exploited and used to line the pockets of insurance companies and Big Pharma.

The bill isn’t only degrading — it is dangerous. It could lead to many women losing their healthcare because they are unable to pay, and that could lead to loss of life. Without potentially life-saving screenings, therapy and treatment, deadly repercussions won’t just be a “what if” but a daily reality.

Trump can claim “I cherish women. I want to help women,” but his actions speak louder than words. His actions make being a woman a dangerous tragedy, because with this bill Trump is effectively stating one in five women are a preexisting condition.

With everyday in office, Trump has proven he views women as a preexisting condition that needs to be fixed, and this act solidifies his masculinity complex.

Donald Trump, you have made every facet of my womanhood a weakness, but hear me when I say the only thing my sexual assault gave me was the strength to stand up to women-haters like you.

University of Wisconsin