UW-Madison’s Humorology cast speaks out about their success and the impact the organization has


This year’s Humorology show shattered past fundraising records.

Overall, the show raised over $180,000 to donate to The Rainbow Project, a non-profit foundation that provides children and families who have experienced trauma and abuse with counseling and with hope. Humorology is a competition between multiple groups of greek life organizations through 20 minute musical shows. It has been a tradition since 1948. Each year, the organization picks a new non-profit to raise money for. The theme for this year was, “when life gives you lemons.”

“Without hesitation I can say Humorology has had a significant influence on me and has been one of the most satisfying and worthwhile college experiences I have been a part of at the University of Wisconsin.  Being involved in this organization has given more to me than I could have ever asked for, including valuable leadership skills and, most importantly, an entire community of Humo lovers that I know I will always be friends with and can rely on for a good laugh or a solid two hour conversation about how great x show was x year and more.  Being a part of every aspect of Humo, from cast member to director to executive board member has truly made my college career,” Sydney Chason, executive board member 2017 said.

After working on shows for almost eight months, they finally preformed on April 20-22. The winners were 1st: Kappa Alpha Theta, Delta Tau Delta and the Lodge, 2nd: Delta Gamma, Zeta Beta Tau and Phi Delta Theta, 3rd: Pi Beta Phi, Theta Chi and Sigma Phi. The winning cast raised over $40,00 and could not be more proud of the results. 

“Our board knew from the beginning that this year’s production was going to be different than any other, and we’re proud to have had these seven shows perform.  The amount of talent we’ve seen throughout the year and the fact that, without fail, the shows get better and better every year amazes me, our board, and family and friends who have seen or performed in the shows the past four years.  Being a part of this exec board and seeing the directors pour their hearts and souls into a 20 minute production is honestly one of the most rewarding experiences, and I am so happy that I got to be a mentor and someone they could come to for help!  Additionally, being a the sponsorship chair and part of a board that raised $180,000, more than any other year in Humorology, for such a worthy cause, still leaves me speechless and I could not be more proud of every single member of this organization.” Sydney Chason said.

Kappa Alpha Theta, Delta Tau Delta and the Lodge were the winning cast. They slaved over their fundraising as well as making their show as clean as possible.

“My favorite part about directing is knowing that I’m making a positive impact on my cast to be people who are not only able to have fun and be silly onstage, but to care for people who you don’t know, like all of the children who look towards the Rainbow Project for help. It wasn’t just amazing to win and know that we had the best show, but it was the fact that 60 people alone raised over $40,000 for children who are in much less fortunate situations. Think about how much good can come out of that.” Talia Koenigsberg, director, said.

“Witnessing my cast come together this year and work extremely hard to not only put on an amazing show but also raise an astounding $40,000 has made me unbelievably proud to be a member of this organization. A lot of what we do is giving others, whether they be in the cast or benefitting from the philanthropy, an opportunity that they would not have had before, and for that Humo has given me the chance to really make a difference. Not to mention IT’S SO FUN!!!” Matt Grande, director, said.

“Humorology is all about raising money for amazing charities as well as giving participants the opportunity to participate in something bigger than themselves that they may have never believed they could succeed in – theater.  It has given me a passion and taught me more about leadership, working with others, and respect than any other experience. The most important thing to our directing team this year was making sure that anyone who wanted to, had a chance to be a “humo star” so winning it all was that much sweeter knowing everyone in our cast felt as though they had an impact on that outcome.” Teagan Nelson, director, said.

Overall, Humorolgy is not only a fun organization, but also one of the largest fundraisers in all of Wisconsin. Make sure to see the show next year!

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