How many calories are in your favorite UW-Madison drunk food?

You may not remember what you ate in the morning but your body can not forget the calories

You have spent the night getting ready, putting on your makeup flawlessly, and picking out the perfect outfit, all whilst listening to your favorite music. The mood is set for a fantastic night.

The line for the bar was not too long, the bartender gave you some free drinks, and your favorite songs were played at least once each. Then, the bar lights flicker on and you are spun into a string of questions from your friends on where to go next.

Where do you go now? Now that your makeup is smeared, you have spent up almost all of your latest paycheck on drinks, and you are too drunk to realize how much your feet hurt in those shoes.

The only logical answer is, you go get food. Pure, beautiful, fully enjoyed, shameless, drunk food; but, the calories beneath the carby goodness are not so satisfying…

Milio’s Sandwiches/Cheeba Hut

Sub Sandwiches have a wide range of caloric possibility. Here are the average caloric expenditures of a 6in sub based off of your choice of meat.

Veggie: 610

Tuna: 590

Chicken: 370

Philly Steak: 700

Meatball: 690

Asian Kitchen

Get the #RedCardSpecial of a free pint of chicken fried rice with any entree purchase from Asian Kitchen all week! #restaurantoftheweek ?: @isthmusmadison

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There are a few staple asian cuisines that we all go to each ranging greatly in calories.

Sesame Chicken: 480

Fried Rice: 520

General Tso’s Chicken: 465

Egg Roll: 200

Crab Rangoon: 190


My mom told me that her friend knows 5 people that went into labor after eating here. Let's see if this really works!

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Parthenons eros is a classic. You would think that gyros are healthy enough right?

Gyro: 600

Ians/Pizza Di Roma

Late dinner. I so love this place!!

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Pizza is a craving that can hit at anytime of day, but especially when you have had one too many. The lines are always so long. The greasy goodness is worth it though.

Mac N Cheese Slice: 1,065

Pepperoni Slice: 760

Buffalo Chicken Slice: 1,100

Spinach Feta Pesto Slice: 825

Cheese Slice: 700


More like Q-dope-a. #thatsastretch

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So, so satisfying and always reliably open until 3am at least.

Burrito Bowl: 670

Chicken Taco(per taco): 150

Steak Taco(per taco): 210

Queso: 270

Burrito: 1050

Paul’s Pel’meni

Russian dumplings at Paul's Pel'meni. Delicious, unique and perfect for a quick bite. #paulspelmeni #madisonwi #mouthfulofmadison

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It’s a little more unique and isn’t as fast as the other joints, but the pel’menis are always worth the extra effort.

Pelmeni: 600

When you dig your teeth into whichever savory delicious drunk food you chose to be your vice that late night, try to keep in mind (or totally ignore) these caloric additions.


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