How much money do UW-Madison athletic personnel actually make every year?

Coaches and head coaches make a pretty penny working at UW

Since UW-Madison employees work for the state, their salaries are open to the public each and every year. The Wisconsin State Journal released a search forum for citizens to find the exact salaries of UW-Madison employees.

The Tab Wisconsin found the salaries of popular athletic personnel throughout within our university. Even though we’ve seen the success of each program during the school year, we were shocked by the amount of dough they’re raking in annually. All salaries are valid for the 2016 fiscal year.

UW-Madison’s athletic director, Barry Alvarez, makes over one million dollars ($1,106,250.04) in his position of overseeing all these programs. Athletic programs definitely aren’t lacking funding or money to pay their employees. In fact, salaries have steadily increased almost across the board between the 2015 and 2016 fiscal years.


Paul Chryst (Head Coach) = $2.57 million

Theodore Gilmore (Assistant Coach) = $308,279.98

Joseph Rudolph (Assistant Coach) = $623,446.00


Michael Burcin (Head Coach – Men) = $87,858.13

Todd Oehrlein (Head Coach – Women) = $93,537.63


Tony Granato (Head Coach – Men) = $92,366.66

Donald Granato (Assistant Coach – Men) = $59,137.87

Mark Osiecki (Assistant Coach – Men) = $46,583.03

Mark Johnson (Head Coach – Women) = $281,659.04

Jacklyn Friesen (Assistant Coach – Women) = $68,438.75

Daniel Koch (Assistant Coach – Women) = $94,517.25


John Trask (Head Coach – Men) = $275,012.87

Paula Wilkins (Head Coach – Women) =$160,500.93


Yvette Healy (Head Coach) $128,339.75


Greg Gard (Head Coach – Men) = $913,152.96

Jonathan Tsipis (Head Coach – Women) = $134,106.38

Swimming and Diving

Whitney Hite (Head Coach) =$161,233.29

Emilie Hoeper (Assistant Coach) = $40,884.95


Daniel Westerman (Head Coach – Men) = $125,000.37

Tina Samara (Head Coach – Women) = $90,116.72


Michael Byrne (Head Coach – Men) = $208,468.50

Nathaniel Davis (Assistant Coach – Women) =$92,826.34


Kelly Sheffield (Head Coach ) = $298,679.28

Gary White (Assistant Coach) = $99,800.13


Barry Davis (Head Coach) = $112,866.25


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