Confessions of UW-Madison sugar babies

One baby made $500 a night

SeekingArrangement recently came out with their top 20 universities for Sugar Babies. Temple University came in first while the University of Minnesota ranked 20th. University of Wisconsin – Madison did not rank in the top 20, however that doesn’t mean there aren’t a great deal of sugar babies here.

It’s a quick, easy, and for many, having a sugar daddy is an enjoyable solution. Most college students enjoy free dinner, free drinks and sex — why not make those things even better by getting paid for it? And to top it off, one can make so much more than minimum wage, and can ‘work’ for just a couple hours a week and get paid more than the average part-time job.

The website states, “In 2016 alone, more than one million students (an eleven percent increase) registered on SeekingArrangement in order to find some relief from tuition, student loan debt, and other college-related costs.”

It’s hard to not understand why students are doing this. Our debt is increasing each year and many of us pay for college without our parents’ help. Our generation strives to travel the world and spend our money on experiences before we would even think about paying off debt. If there’s such a simple solution, why not try it out?

Out of the 2,250,868 female sugar babies currently registered, two from UW-Madison spoke up about their experiences.

We asked how and why they decided to sign up

The first Baby said she decided to sign up after two of her friends joined. “They hadn’t met with anyone but it seemed so easy and kinda fun so I thought ‘what the hell?’ and decided to go on and just see what sort of people were out there.”

She didn’t start seeing any Daddies until her relationship turned bad, academics stressed her out, and she decided she needed to make money so she could travel this summer. Once she uploaded pictures and a bio, an uncountable number of men messaged her within a few days. She claims many of them were too creepy for her taste, but it was sort of nice in a twisted way to have so much attention.

The second baby had a similar experience. She heard about it from a friend and played around with her profile before she decided to fully commit. She wanted to try it out for the experience but wasn’t sure about the type of people she’d encounter. She says, “My biggest fear was getting too intimate with some of the men, because I wasn’t sure if I would be able to bring myself to that point.”

We asked how they decided to choose or accept a Sugar Daddy 

The first Baby was messaged by a young, attractive (something not so common) male who was very well off, and didn’t even live in Madison. His work caused him to travel here sometimes, and he didn’t enjoy the lonely stays. They met up one night for drinks and what not. She used to get paid around $500 per meet-up, but since they truly get along and enjoy each others company, she doesn’t get paid as often, which she is okay with. They have been ‘seeing’ each other for five months now and she says it helped her gain her mental health back. She has seen one other guy, who also paid her $500 for dinner, drinks, and sex.

The second Baby messaged a few background-verified locals if she thought their profiles were enticing, but usually let the Daddies message her first. She has seen 10-15 Sugar Daddies so far. She doesn’t have sex with them; she usually just goes out for dinner and drinks. Typically, she only sees them each once or twice before moving on to another, to keep things interesting and exciting. If the right Sugar Daddy came along, she would be more open to keeping something stable. Her rate started at $50 an hour until she got more comfortable in the ‘business’ and started to increase it.

‘Being a Sugar Baby isn’t what most people think it is’

The second sugar says, “being a Sugar Baby has often been portrayed as being glamorous and fun, but the truth is that the whole process is about the Sugar Daddy not the Sugar Baby.” The Daddies know what they want, and it’s the Baby’s ‘job’ to provide it, and in return will be rewarded for doing so. She also said it’s hard work that takes time, care and consideration, but can be a fun experience.

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