How much UW-Madison tuition costs in drinks from your favorite Madison bars

524 fishbowls? Count me in.

Tuition for UW-Madison isn’t cheap. We depend on financial aid, student loans, and either our own or our parent’s hard earned money to pay for it. Even after all of that we often still come out of college with debt. We won’t save up our money for a week to pay off a loan, but we definitely save it up to spend a night, or two, or three at the bars after a long week of studying. Drinking in Madison is for sure cheaper than attending this prestigious university, so let’s see just exactly how those drinks add up.

In-State tuition costs $10,488.48 for a full year. With that, you could buy…

1,311 mason jar long islands from Red Shed.

They’re dangerous though, so take your time.

2,097 five for $5 rails at State Street Brats (which is really 10,488 drinks).

Relive your freshman year Thursdays all over again!

1,748 $6 shots from Whiskey Jacks.

Because why wouldn’t you get a shot while at Whiskeys?

1,498 $7 bottles of champagne from Mondays on Thursdays.

It may not be your dive bar of choice… but a bottle of champagne is cheaper than a couple drinks anywhere else.

2,097 $5 jumbo margaritas from Chasers on Wednesdays.

You can totally afford skipping class tomorrow….

6,992 drinks during power hour at Nitty Gritty for $1.50 each.

Good luck trying to slam those in one hour.

One $5 jar, and then 10,483 mixies from Double U on Thursday’s.

It’s like the deal at Brats but for upperclassmen.

And finally, 524 fishbowls from Wando’s for $20 each.

How could one say no?

Some may argue they’re now going to spend less money on drinking and more towards their education. Some may use this as an excuse to drink more. Honestly, I support either decision. We came here for the academics, but we also came here for the party life. Why should we choose one or the other? Drink on, Badgers.



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