How this UW-Madison senior started his own business

Let’s talk about drones

With school, work, and student life to worry about, can you imagine starting your own business too?  UW-Madison senior Josh Larson has taken on the challenge.

He is the president and chief pilot of Breakover Services, a company which provides unmanned aircraft consulting services to public safety agencies and commercial organizations.  What does that mean, exactly?  Drones.  And the business is booming.

Larson started his business July 2016, but has been working with drones in the local fire department for years.  He runs the whole show on his own, and hopes to expand with his business.  “The industry is so young, it can change drastically in a month,” Larson said, and he is planning to change with it.

Besides brand expansion, Larson hopes to train his clients to fly their own drones in a safe and efficient way.  Getting the new knowledge out there will only increase the demand for his services, and it benefits everyone.

With clients like Wisconsin Commercial Real Estate and Strang Inc., Larson has moved his dream into action while still pursuing a Nutritional Science degree.  Add that to his firefighting job in Middleton, WI and you have a full schedule.  He said he spends anywhere from 40 to 80 hours a week on his new business, and it does take a toll on his student life.

“Make sure you are passionate, because it will be a sacrifice,” he said.  He said it will take an emotional toll as well, especially if your hopes are too high right away.  When asked what other advice he had, however, he said “Do it.  I did it and I never looked back.”

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