Why gift giving with your significant other is overrated

I love you, and I don’t need to buy you another pair of socks to prove that

It’s here, the most wonderful time of year, and with it comes cuffing season and the stress associated with getting your significant other the PERFECT gift… Let me be the first tell you: that’s bullshit.

Obviously we care about our significant others, that’s the whole point of maintaining a relationship, and I’m all about spoiling the people I love, but something about having a hallmark holiday that makes me feel FORCED to buy my boyfriend a gift is absolutely repulsive.

No presents under this tree

No presents under this tree!

If I see a funny t-shirt, I’ll buy it for him. If I see a really cute greeting card, I’ll send it to him. And if I find a fortune from a cookie that reminds me of him, I’ll give it to him.

I don’t need a day to give me a reason to shower my Sig O with gifts, and I don’t need gifts to shower my Sig O with love.

Yes, the Christmas season is adorable: we get to drink hot chocolate (with or without Bailey’s), we get to cuddle by fireplaces (real or via youtube), and we get to be simply happy (because classes are finally over, bless). But even on these surface levels, why do we need a holiday– rather than just a global axial tilt– to define a season?

Forget putting the Christ back in Christmas, how about putting the joy back in winter regardless of your religious persuasion or commercial reasoning for shoving your love down your boyfriend/girlfriend/whatever-you-call-yourselves’ throat via material objects they probably don’t even want and almost definitely don’t need?

Go look at some pretty lights and call it a night

Go look at some pretty lights and call it a successful winter night

So to those lovebirds out there that feel the need to prove their love with unnecessary spending and symbolism: why? Why do you feel so unsure of your own emotions that you must turn to glitter and gift wrapping? And to those who would feel cheated without receiving a gift: what the hell? What the hell does a present change? What the hell kind of feeling does a present solidify anymore than a smile and a kiss could?

I don’t want to receive a love only reassured through something you saw at the mall. I want to receive a love that is reassured through a late night conversation about any and everything. I want to receive a love that is reassured through you holding my hand a little tighter when snowflakes start to fall in the middle of our walk. I want to receive a love that is reassured through the look in your eyes when you see me smile.

Can we just go for a walk and be happy, damn it.

Everybody’s love is different, and I suppose you can love however you see fit. But if you truthfully believe that a hallmark holiday’s material possessions are crucial to your relationship your priorities have been very seriously scrambled and you may need some substantial reassessment.

So save yourself the cringeworthy gift exchange of another pair of socks or mini candle set and mutually agree to just trade oral sex this Hanukkah and body warmth this winter.

University of Wisconsin