Best places to cry on campus

All badgers break down at some point

Now that finals are rolling around, our stress levels are increasing and with that, our emotions. Sometimes we don’t have enough time to race home before we break down,┬áso here is a list of the best places at UW-Madison to cry:


There are so, so many great bathrooms on this campus to cry in. One idea is to go to the last stall in Union South during a lunch rush, so no one can hear you. Another great option is the shower in Tripp Hall. Everyone lives alone and therefore is rarely home. No one will hear your sorrows being drowned out by the shower head. Looking to cry but need some inspiration? Try the first (female) stall in Sterling Hall. The women who wrote all these beautifiul messages have been in your position and understand. Some even have conversations – even better! I myself especially enjoy crying in bar bathrooms. Drunk girls are always the nicest and most consoling and supportive people I’ve ever met. If I see a girl crying in the bathroom, I will 100 percent be by her side. S,o have a night out (whether you deserve it or not) and if you need a cry, get in the bathroom. Someone will understand.

Ladies Room - Sterling Hall

Ladies Room – Sterling Hall


While the libraries on this campus are pretty open, it’s not too hard to find a private place to cry. One option could be going to the classrooms of Helen C. White and finding an empty one. Students study in these rooms all the time, so just go to study, put a note on the door, and let yourself break down as much as you want with the best kind of privacy. Also, try the stacks at Memorial. Not only do they go on forever, in an abyss of silence and emptiness, where you can cry while you get lost and then cry some more because you can’t find your way back, but there’s also cages. Lock yourself into one of these puppies and let it go. Everyone has headphones in, don’t even worry about the person caged up next to you. They’ll probably break down too.

I knew it was meant to be when I first laid eyes on this cage

I knew it was meant to be when I first laid eyes on this cage


It may be hard to get an appointment as it is the busiest time of the year for the mental health clinic due to – you guessed it – stress and finals, but it’s worth a shot if you really can’t handle the pressure. Some of us like to cry alone and suck it up and move on, but that doesn’t always work for everyone. Crying in front of a stranger sounds scary, intimidating, and embarrassing, but they see it on the daily. It’s their job to help you, so of course they’re okay with you crying – they expect it to happen. So just go for it. It’s really not that scary after it happens, and you’ll feel so good to kill two birds with one stone by crying and getting some help.

The Great Outdoors

While our campus may be pretty city-like, we do have some great views and mini getaways within it. One place to cry (probably best at night) are the Porter Boathouse Docks. People are rarely on Lakeshore Path at night, and if you go all the way down to the docks, A) people will think you’re just admiring the night sky and B) people won’t hear you. Again, kill two birds with one stone and cry while watching for shooting stars. If you’re really feeling adventurous, you could go all the way to Picnic Point or somewhere along that path. That’s especially empty at night, but if you go there, make sure your phone is charged and someone knows you’re there – just to be safe. Finally, go see Abe about your problems. Again, late at night, people aren’t around as much, and you could just sit by him and talk it out. Bascom is supposedly haunted so maybe his ghost will rub you on the back. Worth a shot.

bet they're crying

bet they’re crying

Finally, in public

Sometimes we just can’t hold it in. We failed our physics exam, we got dumped right before the holidays, or our mom calls us on the way to work letting us know our grandparent isn’t doing so hot. Sometimes shit happens at the worst moment possible and you can’t turn off the trigger until you get home. So just cry. I’ve done it on the way to work (and at work to be honest), I’ve cried in the grocery store, I know people who have straight up cried in class, I know people who have cried walking down Library Mall and University Ave. Your fellow Badgers will understand. It’s a hard school and we’re stressed about everything. You’re entitled to the emotions you feel, and shouldn’t be prohibited about where you release them.

I hope this helped you in deciding where to cry during your time at Madison, especially during finals season. Whatever the reason, whatever the time, whatever the place, just go for it. Do so wherever you feel comfortable. Sometimes we can’t always wait to get home and crawl into bed with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s. Unleash those tears. You’ll feel great.





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