We asked William and Mary students how they define ‘beauty’

It’s more than skin deep

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We’ve all heard the phrase before, but have we really taken to time to think about what it means?

In a world that is increasingly technological and places a great emphasis on your online presence, it is often easy to forget the true meaning of beauty. What is beautiful is different for everyone, and I thought I would prove that point by asking some William and Mary students about what beauty means to them.

Marit Haugen, a Junior at the College, said: “Beauty is what we are made of. It is the things we do for others and the smiles, memories, and laughs we share. It’s the way we make others feel. It’s showing love and spreading love.

“Beauty is loving others and yourself no matter what anyone looks like. Beauty comes from the inside and is reflected on the outside.”


Yuchen Wang, an international student who is a Senior said: “I think beauty is the active, powerful, graceful, and touching part of a human.”


Josh Reiss, another Junior at the College, said that beauty is, “an undeniable sensory notion that either causes a sharp intake or complete loss of breath.”


Finally, Miguel Petrosky who is a Senior, said: “Beauty, to me, is when someone’s character and virtues are made visible.”


It is evident, just across these four definitions, that beauty means something different to everyone. It is important to remember that when scrolling through everyone’s perfectly edited photos on Instagram and Facebook.

Beauty is not only how a person looks, but also how they treat others, and the way they present themselves to the world. As the world increases its reliance on the internet and social media, always keep in mind that beauty isn’t skin deep.

William & Mary: College of William and Mary