Wash U dorms ranked number one in the country

We also made top ten for best college food

The hype is real. The Princeton Review just named Wash U number one in the country for best college dorms. We already knew it, but for those non Wash U-ers who were skeptical – we now have proof.

We also made top ten for “best-run colleges” and “best campus food.”

Whether you’re an upperclassman living on the North Side, or you do all of your eating, sleeping and relaxing in The Forty, just know you are living it up in the lap of luxury.

Wherever your friends from high school are dorming is certainly not this cushy.

With Kitchens, music practice rooms, laundry, study spaces, computer labs and common spaces in almost every residential hall, this comes as no surprise.

(But we’re mostly excited about the laundry.)

Washington University in St Louis