The Tab Wash U is here, bringing a student news alternative

‘We’re a network of Wash U students writing stuff you actually care about in a style you actually want to read’

Congratulations — by reading this, you have already joined the revolution of college journalism taking place on campuses across the United States.

The Tab first began in the UK when two Cambridge University students wanted to write about campus life in a way that actually considered their student audience. It exploded in success, and in the fall of 2015, The Tab started coverage in the United States.

On this day, The Tab Wash U has arrived at Washington University in St. Louis.

Wash U has a dynamic campus culture of intelligent, involved and enthusiastic students with stories to tell, perspectives to share and news to deliver. That’s why our team of writers is a cross-section of Hoosiers of different majors and backgrounds to better have our finger on the pulse of Wash U life. It helps make the difference between giving you readers cold, hard facts when all you really want is direct honesty. We’re a network of Wash U students writing stuff you actually care about in a style you actually want to read.

We’ve already become a part of hot discussions as seen by Carl’s man-on-the-street piece confronting the issue of adjunct exploitation.

Sydney gets off her chest the all-too-common frustrations about the B School being compared to pre-school.

And of course, we aren’t able to resist sharing Claire’s savage guide to surviving the treacherous campus parking situation.

Whether the topic is heavy or light, you can always expect a candidness consistent with the way The Tab does things. You can find these stories — and soon more and more — on The Tab Wash U website. Of course, we get most of our news through social media, so feel free to ‘like’ our Facebook page for The Tab Wash U.

Perhaps you’re already interested in writing for the Tab Wash U so you can write articles for your student body? In that case, you can sign up and get started literally today. Not figuratively. Literally.

Otherwise, you can just sit back and read along while staying informed with the rest of Washington University in St. Louis.

Washington University in St Louis