WFU’s Intercultural Center is holding a ‘speak out’ event on the lower quad Friday

Be informed, be involved, be a Deac

The Muslim Student Association and the South Asian Student Association are holding a “speak out” event today at 4:30pm in response to Trump’s immigration policy and Muslim ban. The event will be held on the lower quad. It was announced in a post from WFU’s Intercultural Center.

Trump’s immigration ban affects people in many ways – on a global level, but also within our Wake Forest community. As President Hatch  emphasized in his letter sent on January 31st, this situation provides Wake Forest with the opportunity to “reaffirm our values.”

President Hatch wrote: “I deeply empathize with all of you concerned for your personal safety and the security of your family. I reaffirm my commitment to do everything within my power as the president of Wake Forest University to support every member of our community in their pursuit of an education.”

“Wake Forest stands for the respect and dignity of all people, for the diversity that enriches a community of learning and for the spirit of inclusion that makes a community feel like home. Wake Forest stands for creating opportunity for the betterment of ourselves and our neighbors. Wake Forest stands for Pro Humanitate – in every sense of the word.”

This event seems to encapsulate what is means to be a Demon Deacon. Part of being a Wake Forest student means being informed, open-minded and sympathetic to the world around you.

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