Why Total Frat Move’s ’50 Ways to Be The Perfect College Girl’ is absurd

It’s time to respect, instead of degrade, women

Last month, Total Frat Move published a story titled, “50 Ways To Be the Perfect College Girl.” Here are nine of the most dehumanizing statements:

“Don’t be an emotional drunk.”

“There’s nothing less sexy than insecurity. Except maybe love handles.”

“Have an attractive mother. Trust me, it’s important.”

“It should go without saying, but be in a sorority.”

“Bake us something from scratch.”

“Nurse us back to health on Sunday mornings.”

“Eventually we’re going to ask you for a threesome. Either accept or divert our attention with a blowjob. No tantrum necessary.”

“We hate condoms, and everyone hates abortions. You’re a grown up now, it’s time to get on the pill.”

“Before you do anything, ask yourself “Would a psychopath do this?”


Whether the author of this article thought he was being funny or not, these nine statements are just a sampling of the sexist beliefs in the story. In just these examples, the author encourages men to control, as well as sexually objectify, women. Throughout the story, women are demanded to be submissive to the dominant men.  

Unfortunately, I’m sure there are women who read an article and took the author’s recommendations to heart. The article, isolated from all other similar articles, insinuates a women’s worth is only in their physical appearance and willingness to have sex. These insinuations are also prevalent in college hookup culture, and from my own experience, there are many insecure women truly believe these are requirements worthy of fulfilling.


Even though insecurity persists amongst many young women, the feminist movement has sought to alter this. The evolving feminist movement has several components, but one of which promotes independence. This independence  and autonomy rejects men’s paradigms of subservient, weak, vulnerable women and advocates for all women to collaborate in order to promote equality and justice.

Women supporting women, and calling out men who are so obviously degrading the humanity and sexuality of women, have the power to alter society’s view of what is normal gender social interactions. And that starts with bringing attention and rejecting the requirements in Total Frat Move’s article. 

Wake Forest