Former VT Student David Eisenhauer pleads no contest, found guilty in case of Nicole Lovell

After one week of trial, Eisenhauer is found guilty on charges of murder, abduction, and concealment of a body

On Friday morning, David Eisenhauer entered a no contest plea to the charges of first degree murder, abduction and unlawful concealment of a dead body in the case of 13-year-old Nicole Lovell.

The plea means Eisenhauer waives his right to a trial as well as his right to defend himself or make an appeal. Shortly thereafter, it was announced that Eisenhauer had been found guilty of all charges. Friday marked the end of the first week of what was scheduled to be a two week trial.

In a brief press conference, Commonwealth attorney Mary Pettitt announced the guilty charge. Lovell's mother Tammy Weeks also gave a short, emotional statement, saying "Nicole will always rest in our hearts, and no amount of time will ever change that."

Eisenhauer's alleged accomplice Natalie Keepers is still scheduled to go to court. Her trial is set to begin September 17, 2018.

Cover photo credit The Roanoke Times

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