Police investigation ensues after leaflets with swastikas found on VT Jewish Center lawn

‘It’s something I never believed would happen in Blacksburg’

Jewish members of the Virginia Tech community found leaflets with hand-drawn swastikas strewn over the lawn in front of the Chabad Librescu Jewish Center at Virginia Tech this past Saturday. Rabbi Zvi Zweibel was shocked to find about 100 of the leaflets in front of the building on Wall Street.

The incident occurred following an announcement of the Holocaust survivor Rabbi Nissen Mangel planning to visit campus April 24 to honor professor Liviu Librescu. Professor Librescu lost his life in the 2007 shooting by blocking the shooter from entering the classroom as his students escaped through the windows.

In the eight years he has been here, Zweibel has never experienced anything like this. The hate crime came as a shock since there have been no previous hostilities. Blacksburg police are now investigating the incident. In an email to The Roanoke Times, Lt. Mike Albert took a report 4:40pm Saturday but has made no further comments.

In response to the event, this afternoon at 5:30 at the GLC Plaza a solidarity event will take place. Zweibel, Virginia Tech police Chief Kevin Foust, and others will be speaking to raise awareness of anti-Semitism. All members of the community are encouraged to attend to show their support.

“My hope is to fight darkness with light and promote good actions instead of hatred,” Zweibel said.

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