We asked VT guys what they think women really want and they weren’t as clueless as we expected


In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we asked a few guys around campus what exactly they think it is women want. Here are their responses.

What is something you have done for the sake of impressing someone you liked?

“Spent a lot of time with them and bought them gifts. Hmm.. What did I do to get with her? I talked to her all day, bought her gifts, food, and other things she liked. I spent a lot of time on her.” – Jahad Mills, Junior

“I went to the gym a lot. Yeah, and I changed up the workouts a lot for the sake of proportion.” – Timmy Davis, Senior

“I was in Goodwill and she likes Harry Potter so I sought two Harry Potter book ends and bought them for her on a whim. It turned out great.” – Matt Johns, Senior

What do you think women expect from their significant others on a daily basis?

“There’s a whole list I could give you for that, I mean, it’s a broad question. Attention, I guess. Be there for them whenever they need it. I definitely would do that.” – David Dachille, Junior

“Oh.. that’s a thinker. I feel like they should be in touch throughout the day. Maybe at least see each other once a day as well. I don’t know.” – Niko Trombetta, Senior

“Attention. Listen to their problems. That’s all I can think of really.” – Chris Manger, Senior

Where would you take a woman on the first date?

“Restaurant. Somewhere to eat. It depends, though, like, do I know her well? If I do, I’ll take her somewhere I know for sure she’ll really like. Nothing really crazy, though, because you don’t want to freak her out. And not a movie, because you can’t talk. Somewhere you can talk and communicate.” – Ish Siasay, Sophomore

“Ideally, it’s based on something she’s interested in, like food or whatever else that may be. Something amicable that you could talk about with her afterward.” “Like frozen yogurt?” “Yeah!” – Tyler Freck, Senior, with the help of Jonah Eggleston, Senior

What is something women definitely don’t want on Valentine’s Day?

“I have no idea. I would think flowers, maybe. It’s nice I guess, but you have to take care to that. Or a movie that the guy picked.” – Sam Day, Sophomore

“I think they don’t fully want just the card and chocolates basic gift like you think would work. They want something more special. Not like the copy and paste Valentine’s day gift.” – Jonah Eggleston, Senior

“I can tell you what you should get them. Get them seeds, not flowers. Because flowers die and seeds what? They grow.” – Matt Johns, Senior

What do you think women want to do for a Valentine’s Day date?

“I would say to do anything that allows them to feel like a queen or really special. If I had the money, I’d spring for an expensive dinner or a couple’s massage.” – Michael Getman, Freshman

“Um… off the top of my head, go to dinner. In a date setting, you mean? A nice dinner. In general, it’s more about a one-on-one setting, so not a party like those Valentine’s Day events they have going on. So, dinner, maybe a movie, or some other date plan. Maybe something to surprise them.” – Alex Salvato, Junior

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