Every Facebook group Virginia Tech students need to join

From carpools to catching Pokemon, don’t miss out

You’ve all heard the typical college advice: go to class, meet the teachers, party hard, study harder and so forth. Sure, that’s all good advice, but here’s some you’ll actually use, and it comes in the form of Facebook groups. Don’t underestimate the utility of these, either. They can help you make friends, get involved in activities you enjoy, find stuff you lose, and tons more. So open a new tab and get ready to join some Facebook groups!

Your class year

Obviously. If you haven’t already requested to be added into your graduating year’s group, you’re slacking. Seriously, these are great for a number of reasons, like meeting potential roommates, buying and selling books, getting class recommendations, taking polls and surveys for class, etc. The list goes on. Links to graduating class years of 2017-2020 can be found below

Class of 2020

Class of 2019

Class of 2018

Class of 2017

Free & For Sale


Some Tech students can go years without finding out about Free & For Sale, which is a true shame. It’s like if the local Goodwill had an online catalog, but you can haggle for prices (sometimes). You’ll find a ton of great deals on here from home furnishings, to electronics, to kitchen ware. You don’t realize how much you need a colander (or even just a couple forks) until you switch roommates and realize you own nothing. Check it out.

Virginia Tech Police 


Source: Virginia Tech Police Department Facebook page

Virginia Tech is fortunate enough to have a nationally accredited police force on campus. The VT Police department does some great work, much of which is shown through their Facebook page. You can find traffic alerts, pressing crime information, award celebrations and information on self-defense classes on their site, along with other important info. It’s definitely worth liking the page, even if it’s just for the K9 unit pictures.

Virginia Tech Carpool

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 5.09.48 PM

Why does it seem like 50% of Virginia Tech students are from Maryland or New Jersey? It’s surprisingly disproportionate. Anyway, if you’re from out of state or don’t have a car on campus, definitely join Virginia Tech Carpool! You’ll find people driving all over and can usually carpool with them for just a little bit of gas money. It’s by far the most convenient and least expensive travel options. Even if you have a car, you should join in case you find yourself driving home and have a couple spare seats in your car.

Virginia Tech Pick-Up Movers

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 5.10.23 PM

This one here is a lifesaver. If you don’t have a truck or don’t want to rent a trailer to move in or out of your house/apartment, just post on here and have someone show up at your door. It’s all VT students that want to help out others. You can meet new people and move your crap at the same time. Also, just like VT Carpool, if you’ve got a truck, van, or trailer, join the site to help others and make a little cash while your at it.

Humans of Virginia Tech


If you’ve ever heard of Humans of New York, you know how this works. Essentially, they find someone on the street and ask if they can take their picture and interview them. They then share this photo and a brief overview of the person’s life story on Facebook, Instagram, or other social media. The idea in general is certainly interesting and shows there’s a hidden complexity behind every passing stranger. This is even cooler when it’s a fellow Hokie. HoVT have featured some interesting characters, and it’s always fun to read about these students’ backstories.

Virginia Tech Lost Hokie Passports and Room Keys


Ok, I might be a little biased on this one seeing as I made it, but it’s still a good idea. If you’ve ever lost your Hokie P or really anything else, you know how much of a pain it is trying to find it. Even though almost every Tech student does their best to get found items back to their owners, it’s not easy. Although the class pages are great for a number of reasons, lost and found posts are not one of them. That’s where this page comes in! It’s exclusively for lost and found stuff, and it gets more and more practical the bigger it gets. I also remove people that post promotional material or anything unrelated to the site, so you don’t have to worry about scrolling through a bunch of nonsense to find the right post.

Blacksburg Pokewatch


Fret not Pokémon trainers of Virginia Tech, we didn’t forget about you. This is the one stop site to get updates on all sorts of Pokémon locations all around Virginia Tech’s campus. They’ve even posted sightings of a Lapras and Dragonite on there. If you want to be the very best like no one ever was, “Like” this page. It’ll save you from traveling across the land and searching far and wide, so you can focus more on making your Pokémon understand the power that’s inside.

Drillfield Soccer Club


This is just one of the many pages for pickup sports around Tech. Being a Division 1 school, Virginia Tech tends to have some pretty stellar athletes. Unfortunately, that also means anyone less than amazing at a sport can give up on playing on the team. That leaves a couple options: intramural sports, where the refs don’t know anything and you realize an 18 person team means you’ll be lucky to see five of them at a game; rec league, but you usually have to pay a fee or play with weird old guys; or pickup games. Pickup games are the most practical; everyone’s out there to have fun and you’ll always find a group willing to get a game together. Frisbee, football, soccer, or whatever else, just ask around and find the sport you’re looking for! The link for soccer page is right here.

Blacksburg Bike Party


Similar to above, this is just one of many hobby pages you can find around Blacksburg. Whatever you’re interested in, chances are there’s a page for it, which you should definitely join or “Like.” It can help you become more active in the community, make new friends, and keep up with hobbies you might normally not find the time for. This can be Virginia Tech clubs, activities around Blacksburg (like mountain biking), volunteer work, or anything else. It never hurts to be a little more active, so get out there, find some hobbies, then come back inside and hop on Facebook to like the pages.

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