Former VT Student David Eisenhauer pleads no contest, found guilty in case of Nicole Lovell

After one week of trial, Eisenhauer is found guilty on charges of murder, abduction, and concealment of a body

Former Virginia Tech student David Eisenhauer pleads not guilty in murder trial of 13-year-old girl

The gruesome trial began Monday and is set to last two weeks

Virginia Tech student arrested for illegal possession of assault rifle

Former freshman Yunsong Zhao found with firearm, attempted to purchase 5,000 rounds of ammo

Students and staff allege sexual abuse and harassment by Virginia Tech academics in anonymous Google form

Two accounts of sexual misconduct at Virginia Tech claimed in spreadsheet

Virginia Tech ‘white supremacist’: ‘I’m not a white supremacist’

Graduate teaching assistant Mark Neuhoff responds to recent allegations against him and his political views

Student who exposed Virginia Tech white supremacist speaks out about threats

‘It was a death threat. I don’t understand how anyone misconstrues ‘destroy her.”

Hokies march against white supremacy on campus

‘Death threats are not protected by free speech’

World Regions has pizza in class for Halloween after professor’s prank

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The truth about transferring

Advice to transfer students, from a transfer student

College GameDay was fun from beginning to end

They should come back every year.

Protests break out during State of the University Address

‘Did we learn nothing from Charlottesville?’

Student gets 2,000 signatures on petition for Danny DeVito to attend her 21st birthday party

Oh my God Danny DeVito I love your work!

Virginia Tech professor accused of fraud

The professor was arrested last week for the alleged fraudulent use of grants

From the Hokie Pokie to ‘LET’S GO’

And now we have to respond to awkward chants instead?

Irmageddon: A Hokie’s Perspective

‘While the hurricane cyclone can be dreadful, the worst part is actually the aftermath.’

Virginia Tech ranked #69 by US News & World Report