The cost of missing an 8:30am class in terms of things you’d far rather have at Villanova

Spoiler alert: It’s a lot of burritos

Your alarm goes off at 7:30 on a Friday morning and the first thing on your mind is how mad you are that that sound just woke you up. You were dreaming about tacos. Life is so unfair like that.

You’re warm and comfy in your bed and the sound of rain on your window makes you want to press snooze more than ever. Those Tolentine steps are sounding pretty horrendous right now, huh?

Well, we hate an 8:30 discussion about the life of St. Augustine as much as the next student, and we’ve never quite been able to translate Spanish poems before our morning coffee. You’ll skip breakfast full stop if it means 15 more minutes.

According to the school’s website, the price tag on a Villanova tuition is $48,610. This means that per semester, students pay about $24,305. Since the average student takes about 4 classes per semester, this means that you are paying roughly $6,076 for each class. Since we usually have about 16 weeks in a semester and most classes meet at least two times per week, this means that you are probably paying around $190 for each class at Villanova.

Let us break it down for you, because this is clearly one of the most expensive naps you’re ever going to take:

That’s 23 Chipotle burritos

99 problems but finishing a burrito is not one.

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That’s 63 Coors Light beers at Kelly’s


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Or 47 Grande lattes at Starbucks

#starbucks #decaf #ラテアート #starbuckslatte スタバでモーニング。優雅な一日の始まり〜

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That’s a pair of Tim’s

Or two pairs of Lulu leggings

That’s 108 Bartley cookies.

So, wake up because you know your father would be ashamed if he learned you just threw away 23 burritos. Go to class. Go cats.

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